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                                                                        РИММА И ВАЛЕРИЙ ГЕРЛОВИНЫ    

                                                                        ВЫДЕРЖКИ ИЗ КНИГ И КРИТИЧЕСКИХ СТАТЕЙ



Rimma Gerlovina and Valeriy Gerlovin, THOUGHT OF THOUGHTS


book 1: BE-LIE-VE © 2016

book 2: TRESPASSING © 2017

book 3: PERHAPPINESS © 2019 ( links to USSUU)



Gerlovin Thought of Thoughts


The allegorical form of art can train and possibly awaken the mind with piercing glimpses into the inexplicable, expressing it in its visual meta-language. For that purpose, Zen masters used to employ their koans; similarly, we used our concepts. Art was always our thread of Ariadne that led us through the labyrinths of life: as in Russia, so in America. The running streams of ideas and forms in our art have been fusing in one organic union, whose balance is maintained as in a live organism. On every occasion, it was necessary to rise in consciousness above the limitations of the moment, to break free from the temporal aspects of events and to glance from the particular to the universal – in such case geographical localities become less significant than expected. The surviving idea of antiquity concerning the necessity of self-knowledge (nosce te ipsum) suggests that one has to gain the maximum independence from the collective mind, which entails another equally old rule that one has to carry in himself all that one needs (omnia mea mecum porto). Consequently, these parables were repeated in our life just like in lives of many others who traveled the same way before us.” (p. 7) (further...)



Gerlovina Rimma



Travelling group exhibition Poetry and Performance curated by Tomáš Glanc and Sabine Hänsgen (info)


12.4.–7.7.2019 Motorenhalle-Riesa Efau Kultur Forum, Dresden, Germany

16.09.–28.10.2018 Shedhalle, Zürich, Switzerland (video)

22.12. 2017 – 10.3. 2018 Gallery Nova Synagoga, Zhilina, Slovakia  ( Blok Magazine  о выставке)

Coming venues:

Muzeum Wspólczesne Wroclaw / Wroclaw Contemporary Museum, Poland

Kassák Múzeum, Budapest, Hungary

Cultural Center (“Kultura Medialna”) in Dnipro

Ukraine Baths/Lázneˇ – Okresní galerie Liberec/ Regional Art Gallery Liberec, Czech Republic


Для выставки была сделана увеличенная копия интеративной работы Риммы Герловиной «Рай, чистилище, ад» 1976, из коллекции Третьяковской галереи (production: Ján Gašparovič)






Gerlovins and  Jean Brown


Video Not Jean Brown: Dada, Surrealism, Fluxus, etc. Premiere of a 1ŕ2 inch color video by The Gerlovins and Mark Bloch, 16 min with soundtrack by John Cage and works by George Maciunas, Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray, André Masson, Joe Jones, John Cage, Yoko Ono, Robert Watts, Claes Oldenburg, Robert Filliou, Geoff Hendricks, Nam June Paik, Christo, John Lennon, George Brecht, Ay-O, John Furnival, Dieter Roth, and others. Preceded by videos: The Concepts, The Gerlovins, 16 min, 2012 (info)





Rimma Gerlovina


Exhibition "Arte e Femminismo", 3 Apr.- 26 May 2019, FM Centro per l'Arte Contemporanea, Milan, Italy (from collection of MART- Museo di arte e contemporanea di Trento e Roverto)


Rimma Gerlovina Russian amazons

                                                Russian Art and Culture, “Amazons of Russian Alternative Art” 07.03.2019 (link)



Gerlovina Tretyakov Gallery


Третьяковская Галерея, лекция "Женщины творческих союзов", Ю.В. Воротынцева и А. С. Курляндцева (link)



 Gerlovin Urawa museum Japan


Urawa Museum, Japan, Challenges from the Other Side, exib., 2018.11.17- 2019.1.14 "FIVE YEAR PLAN" magazine in envelopes, from the collection of the museum.

Links to Litfund Auction July 4, 2019:

Collective Farm #5 Five Year Plan

Collective Fram #4 Wonderkids

Collective Farm #3 Post-Office Dinner

Collective Farm #2 Letters to the USSR

Collective Farm #1 Kolkhoz

Collective Fram #6 Stalin Test



Valeriy Gerlovin paintings

                                              Валерий Герловин, ранняя живопись (1973) в собрании Третьяковской галереи (каталог)

                                              Valeriy Gerlovin early paintings (1973) in collection of the State Tretyakov Gallery (catalog)


Gerlovin Tate Gallery

                                                 Semantics of Possible Words, 1977, in Collection of Tate Modern, London, UK, 2019 (link)

                                                "Семантика возможных миров",1977, в коллекции Галереи Тейт Модерн, Лондон, 2019 (link)



Gerlovin Still-a-live


                                                      Still-a-live, 1988, in Yale University Art Gallery Collection, New Haven, Connecticut, USA (link)

                          "Живой натюрморт" в коллекции Художественной Галереи Йельского университета, Нью-Хейвен, Коннектикут, США (link)



Gerlovin Mirror Game, Norwey

                                         "Зеркальная игра", 1977, в архиве Гютторма Гюттормсгоора, Осло, Норвегия, 2019

                                          Mirror Game, 1977, in the archive of Guttorm Guttormsgaard, Oslo, Norwey, 2019


Переписка художников с журналом “А-Я”, 2 тома, 1976-1981, ред. B. Шелковский, Новое литературное обозрение, Москва, 2019 (link)



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